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When taking any supplement, absorption is critical. Pills are difficult for the body to digest. The PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) is considered to be a medical Bible. Look at page 1542, it points out a bar graph that nutrients from a pill absorb only 10-20% in our body while the liquid has up to 98% absorbability! In fact, for every $100 you spend in pills, $80-$90 of that gets thrown away!

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Tyrosine Plays a Major Role in How the Body Uses Protein

Tyrosine Plays a Major Role in How the Body Uses Protein

L-tyrosine, or just “Tyrosine” is a conditionally essential amino acid, which means that under most circumstances, the body is able to make enough of its own Tyrosine, and we do not need to get it from a source in our diet.


Usually the body makes its own supply of Tyrosine by breaking down the amino L-phenylalanine, but there is a condition called “phenylketonuria” (PKU) that makes people unable to process phenylalanine properly, which means they are not getting the necessary Tyrosine (this condition is generally diagnosed shortly after birth, or it can lead to severe mental disabilities).


L-tyrosine plays a major role in how the body uses protein, but it is also necessary for the body to be able to make the natural skin pigment melanin, the hormones norepinephrine and dopamine (both important to the brain and the nervous system), and the thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine.


Since it is so closely tied to the hormones, Tyrosine is being carefully studied and researched for its benefits for a number of disorders. For example, because it is necessary for the hormone dopamine, Tyrosine is currently being studied for its effects on depression and other mood disorders. Because it is so closely tied to the body’s production of the neurotransmitters, Tyrosine is also being studied for it’s benefits for neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia.


Most people who take Tyrosine as a supplement are using it to boost their energy, since it is so closely connected to the brain and the nervous system. Tyrosine is usually taken in combination with a B-vitamin complex or with a multivitamin containing the B-vitamins, because there are several vitamins that the body needs to be able to convert Tyrosine into neurotransmitters, including Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, and Copper.


Tyrosine is a very safe supplement, and is not known to have any side effects. Large doses, up to 7 grams per day, have been taken by people participating in a variety of medical studies with no problems, although the average person would never get that much Tyrosine in their diet. L-tyrosine is most commonly found in proteins, as well as in dairy products, wheat, oats, and fermented foods such as yogurt and miso (a kind of thick paste made from soybeans and usually used in soups).

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