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Liquid Energy
When taking any supplement, absorption is critical. Pills are difficult for the body to digest. The PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) is considered to be a medical Bible. Look at page 1542, it points out a bar graph that nutrients from a pill absorb only 10-20% in our body while the liquid has up to 98% absorbability! In fact, for every $100 you spend in pills, $80-$90 of that gets thrown away!

Aloe PlusAloe PlusALOE PLUS - Soothing Digestive Support NOW AVAILABLE with biocellular micellization! Good health begins with proper digestion. The Aloe Vera Concentrate in ALOE PLUS is soothing to the digestive system, preparing the way for vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed efficiently.*
Cal/Mag 100Cal/Mag 100CAL/MAG 100 - Optimal Bone Protection - A Complete Calcium and Magnesium Supplement: Enhances Skeletal and Other Body Systems. *
Fight ADHD
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a growing problem worldwide, especially in America.  It is the most commonly diagnosed behavioral problem with children in the United States.  It’s estimated that three to five percent of children suffer from common signs of attention deficit disorder such as reduced attentiveness and concentration, excessive activity, distractibility, and impulsiveness. That’s one child for every classroom in the country. 

Supplementing with effective vitamins and nutrients balances body chemistry which can improve focus, promote calm and enhance restful sleep. Safe, all natural nutrition solutions make sense in any treatment program along with prescribed medications, especially when improving nutrition and balancing body chemistry leads to a happier, healthier child or family member. Isn’t it time to experience the power of balanced body chemistry with Deluxe Nutritional Energy and Biomega 3?

Deluxe Nutritional Energy Program

Deluxe Nutritional Energy Program

Deluxe Nutritional Energy Program
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& CAL/MAG 100

Supports advanced nutrition by providing all of the nutrients and minerals needed for a healthy diet. This program also contains CAL/MAG 100, the only product with 100 percent of the US Daily Values of Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc in a form that is completely absorbed by the body.

Features Benefits
Aloe Plus Supports optimum digestive performance
Bio Fuel Supports complete nutrition and antioxidant protection
Cal/Mag100 Enhances skeletal and other body systems
Get-Go-N Advanced nutrition for enhanced energy and vitality
Dr. T, PhD

Dr. T, PhD

I am a clinical psychologist and a member of Biometics' Health Professional Council.  I have used the Biometics products with a number of ADD/ADHD children with very positive results.  Generally, the products are:  BioFuel, Get-Go-N, Aloe, CalMag, BioAlert and sometimes BioNite (as needed).  Also important are Omega-3s found in Cell Care.

Dosages vary with each child/person.  One size does not fit all, so you have to work closely with the person to get the results. 
Finally, I do not have as a goal to stop medication.  Many of my kids have been able to discontinue meds, but that decision was made between parents and doctor, or in some cases, the parents just unilaterally made a decision to discontinue meds and try the Biometics products.  The main point is that we (as Biometics distributors) don't want to get a reputation that we're recommending children to get off meds.  We don't want to pit ourselves against the medical profession, but at the same time, we certainly have many testimonies within the Biometics family about children/adults who have been able to successfully use the products in lieu of meds....we just don't want to promise that to people.  Again, if you have any questions about that part too, feel free to ask.
Good luck.  Hope this is helpful.

Teresa D

Teresa D

"I have a son, Matthew, with ADHD and a learning disability. When he entered kindergarten, he was disruptive in class, had no friends, and was not completing his work. I received notes and/or telephone calls on him almost everyday. When he began Biometics, I started him on a dose for a child. It was not until he was on a full adult dose that I knew the "light bulb" had come on for him. He began to complete his assignments, make friends in class and become proud of his accomplishments. When I first started him on products... he took and Aloe+ for focus and concentration and Cal/Mag 100, for the hyperactivity. The Bio Alert has added even more concentration and memory. He has just finished 2nd grade making all S's and A's on his spelling tests every Friday. He began 2nd grade at the end of 1st grade reading level but ended 2nd grade reading on the 1st level of 3rd grade. There is no cure of ADD/ADHD; but, I know that Matt would have eventually gone on Ritalin (against my better judgment) had it not been for Biometics."

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