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When taking any supplement, absorption is critical. Pills are difficult for the body to digest. The PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) is considered to be a medical Bible. Look at page 1542, it points out a bar graph that nutrients from a pill absorb only 10-20% in our body while the liquid has up to 98% absorbability! In fact, for every $100 you spend in pills, $80-$90 of that gets thrown away!

Aloe PlusAloe PlusALOE PLUS - Soothing Digestive Support NOW AVAILABLE with biocellular micellization! Good health begins with proper digestion. The Aloe Vera Concentrate in ALOE PLUS is soothing to the digestive system, preparing the way for vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed efficiently.*
Cal/Mag 100Cal/Mag 100CAL/MAG 100 - Optimal Bone Protection - A Complete Calcium and Magnesium Supplement: Enhances Skeletal and Other Body Systems. *
Improve In School

Improve In School

There have been many studies that monitor academic performance and nutrition.   The most important vitamins to take are A, C, E, and B-Complex. 
  • Vitamin A promotes brain cell activity in the region linked to learning and memory. 
  • Vitamin C produces norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that helps to control brain functions and mood regulation.
  • Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that protects the brain from free radicals that are predominantly associated with aging.  Vitamin E has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of mental conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  
  • Vitamin B-12 maintains brain functioning and vitamin B-6 improves concentration and memory.  Vitamin B1 improves the central nervous system and is important in creating neurotransmitters, which are chemical signals that help regulate the body
Studies also show Omega-3 supplementation is very important for a healthy brain.  The two primary elements of Omega-3 are DHA and EPA.  DHA helps support the brain’s cell membrane by improving its integrity, which can stimulate brain activity and provide cells with more energy.  The EPA in Omega-3 fatty acids improves the communication between cells.  Deficiencies in Omega-3 have been linked to a lot of brain disorders such as attention-deficit disorder, dyslexia, dementia, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
To foster academic success, Biometics’ suggest the Scholastic Enhancement program and Bio Omega 3.  Scholastic Enhancement is a mixture of Aloe Plus, Bio Alert, Bio Fuel, Get-Go-N-Plus and Cal/MAG 100.  It is a comprehensive package that provides all of the vitamins necessary to have your brain functioning at its best.  Bio Omega 3 is an omega-3 supplement designed to give your body the recommended dosage of EPA and DHA.   When a child receives the vitamins and nutrients necessary for the brain to function at its best, the changes can be significant.  Parents have told us children with a history of poor grades and discipline issues noticed significant changes in behavior and grades within just a few weeks of taking the product.  See the testimonials for more amazing stories! 

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